What to upgrade and what to change to sell your home at top value

We would all love to get the highest possible price for our property, let that be an apartment or a house. As such we all tend to get pretty biased when it comes to evaluate our home. Not to mention the price if was originally bought it for. All in all, we all tend to ask a higher price for our home, than it is originally worth in the eyes of strangers and in the eyes of property experts. There are several reasons for this as well as the reasons which result in the down pricing of your property. We would like to enlist a couple of these reasons as well as the cure for them. This way, you help your home get sold for a higher price.

1.) Have a real good top broker

Get a real experienced licensed real estate broker start selling your home. This is also an important step because they can serve you with the best price you can get for your property, they will save you plenty of time and you can be sure that your ads will be paired up with real professional photos as well.


Reason Nr. 1 - Amortization as a result of daily usage

We all get used to our living area and we simply don’t have the sufficient time and energy to give it the cleaning it deserves. As we see everything all our furniture on a daily basis, our eyes simply get used to their state. This means, after a couple of years all the furniture will become pretty used, dirty even if modestly cleaned. If you live with your family, kids, pets etc. it means further damage to the walls and further clutter to clean up quickly which simply diverts attention and energy from the deeper cleaning issues. For you, your home may seem reasonably clean but for a visitor, it may not look to be so.

Our tip: before selling make sure to properly declutter and to call an expert cleaners’ group to give everything a good proper cleaning.

Reason Nr. 2 - Too much furniture

Most people, especially families have the tendency to hoard furniture. And after a while the furniture simply occupies too much space which would eventually make even the larger places look and feel way smaller than they actually are.

Our tip: either call an interior designer or simply some friends and try to view your home with a stranger’s eye. Decide what you need and what you definitely don’t need. If you want to still keep something you can find a proper storage space for it in your loft, cellar or at an independent storage unit.

Reason Nr. 3 - Entrance area, garden or balcony needs a makeover

When it comes to selling a house, every balcony, terrace, patio and garden has a huge emphasis on the sale and on the actual value. If everything is unkempt and not taken care of, it will diminish the value of a home.

Our tip: give these areas a makeover and try to put a seating set there, it would add a great deal of importance and positively impacts both the look and the value of your home.

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