The biggest deal makers for a fast home sale

We are all different and therefore we all may be looking for all sorts of different things, when are are looking for a new home. But there are some major deal makers which work for the largest majority of clients who are looking for their new place to live. We are ready to help you get your property sold fast once you make sure that you take care of some or most of the enlisted deal makers.

1.) A great-looking all automated kitchen

You don’t need a brand new kitchen for it to look high quality. Sometimes it’s enough to get a new counter or give the whole a fresh coat of paint in order to make it look more attractive. The most important is for it to have all the electronic and other kitchen equipments which are required in a modern kitchen these days and for it to look brand new. Kitchen is currently the Nr.1 deal maker for the majority of buyers and can add a substantial amount of money to the selling price too. Despite all the myths you don’t need to break down walls between the kitchen and living room. There are several people who would prefer the kitchen to be a separate area, so leave it to the buyer to decide what they want to do with it.

2.)A brand new fresh and clean bathroom

This is the Nr. 2 deal maker for most buyers. A bathroom which looks great. Of course the proper bathroom equipment and further additions all depend on the size of the bathroom, but if there is a chance, make it up to date, get a sink with a great looking counter, new taps and either a great shower or a trendy bath tub, to make it look just perfect. Tiling should be kept neutral with a softer or earth color that most people like. White tiles are also a good idea.

3.) An attractive garden/balcony/terrace/patio

Any addition that serves as a chance to be outside of the home, yet still be at home is a great extra. There are tons of potential buyers who only look for homes which have either a garden or a nice terrace for this reason. If your home happens to have any or both, make sure you make them look as attractive as possible. The task is easy, all you need are some nice plants or bushes, flowers ( depending on the exact season also decorations) and a nice looking seating set.

4.) Light, airy rooms

Let as much light in as possible but make sure the direct sunlight is kept under control with a curtain. Airy in this instance means spacious. Pack out as much furniture as possible to make all the rooms look and feel bigger. Also for this reason leave the floors bare or only cover them with smaller carpets.

5.) Easy to shift in-between rooms

This means, that it’s easy to shift or walk in between all the rooms and other areas of the house, no furniture is in the way and the potential buyers will not have to cross over or get around anything in order to go to another room.

Stick to these rules and you can be sure that your home will sell faster than you would think, for a good value.


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